OLTS & STOMP: On-Line to Success (OLTS) and Successful Transition Online and Mentoring Program (STOMP)

Transition from secondary to post-secondary

What are the STOMP and OLTS Programs?

On-Line to Success (OLTS) and Successful Transition Online and Mentoring Program (STOMP) are two transition programs run by RARC.  The programs are for students going from secondary to post-secondary school, and take place from March-June. OLTS is for students in Grades 11 and 12 with learning disabilities, ADHD and/or Autism Spectrum Disorders.  STOMP is for students in Grades 11 and 12 with mental health disorders, including (but not limited to): depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and OCD.

Both OLTS and STOMP are primarily web-based courses developed by teams from Queen's University, Loyalist College, and Cambrian College. They have been designed to specifically target and address areas that research has shown are problematic for students with disabilities as they make the transition to post-secondary education. Almost all of the programs can be completed on-line, where students will develop strategies to be better prepared for post-secondary education, and to better deal with the increased demands of workload, stress management, and self advocacy required at this level.

The programs are moderated by trained teacher candidates as part of their Alternative Practicum at Queen's Faculty of Education, and supervised by staff at RARC. These are pass/resubmit courses, and moderators will provide students with feedback and support regarding their assignments.

Some secondary schools have agreed to grant a partial General Learning Strategies (GLE) credit (0.5) for the course. Please speak with your schools Resource, Learning Support or Student Success department regarding this matter.

The High School to Post-Secondary Transition

Research from the Learning Opportunities Task Force (LOTF) shows that students who participated in a transition program, had better outcomes (progressing to second year and improving grades by 10% to 15%) than same aged peers entering post-secondary studies who did not take a transition program.

Alternative Practicum Opportunity

Each year, teacher candidates from the Queen's Faculty of Education are able to work with the OLTS and STOMP transition programs as part of their alternative practicum. In this practicum, students receive comprehensive training in learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and mental health disorders, as well as hands-on experience working directly with students. Classrooms today are inclusive learning spaces, and this placement gives teacher candidates the chance to learn directly from the students and put their teaching skills into action!

Teacher candidates help facilitate these courses by helping to plan and run the Opening and Closing days which take place at the Faculty of Education, and by grading and moderating the students’ work during the online course portion. While there are several days that teacher candidates must attend in person, much of the practicum is online, and can be completed from anywhere, so long as you have internet access. This practicum is open to teacher candidates in P/J and I/S, and in all FOCI concentrations.

Learn More about the Alternative Practicum Opportunity Here


Having a learning disability means to me that I'm different. Sometimes I feel "alienated" because I have one. Sometimes I feel better off alone, other times it’s extremely depressing. I don't feel comfortable talking about my disability, so I almost never talk to anyone. OLTS helped me realize that I am not alone. There are other students who have had similar experiences to me at school and for the first time, I started to feel comfortable talking to other people about my learning disability.

OLTS Student


STOMP helped me feel more prepared to start college. I got to learn more about the school I want to attend and start thinking about how to support myself when I get there. I learned where to go and who to ask for help if I need it. I also learned how to take care of my own mental health. My moderator was really supportive and answered any questions I had.

STOMP student


A Note on Queen’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Queen’s University has joined other universities and colleges in Ontario in implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements for all students, staff, faculty, and visitors to Queen’s University. As part of Queen’s University, students participating in-person OLTS/STOMP programming are subject to this policy as well. 

At this time, all visitors (including OLTS/STOMP participants) on campus are required to be double vaccinated (14 days after second dose). Currently, there are no avenues for visitors to request an accommodation. Please note that we will be asking all students accepted to OLTS and STOMP to provide proof of vaccination status.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in keeping the RARC and Queen’s community safe! Please contact the Transition Coordinator at olts.stomp@queensu.ca if you have any questions.

Contact Information

Our office is now open, but some of our OLTS/STOMP team continues to work from home.  Email is the fastest way to reach someone and if you would like to schedule a phone call, you can do so by email. 

Completed registration packages can be sent by fax, regular mail, courier, via email or dropped off in person. Electronic packages should be password protected and sent to olts.stomp@queensu.ca via the Secure Docs website. Packages can be dropped off in-person to RARC during work hours (8:30am-12pm or 1pm-4:30pm).

For more information, please contact our Transitions Program Coordinator at:


  Please email to request a phone call

  (613) 533-6564