FAQs for students

The Accessibility Advisor name can be located in several places in Ventus.

Student Dashboard

  1. Click on the Accessibility Advisor name to email your advisor.
  2. Click on the blue Book Now button to set up an appointment with your Accessibility Advisor.

image: dasboard qsas advisor name


  1. Click on the Accessibility Advisor name to email your advisor.
  2. Click on the blue Book Now button to set up an appointment with your Accessibility Advisor.

image: profile qsas advisor

Letter of Accommodation (LOA)

The Letter of Accommodation (LoA) is available for students who may require it for purposes of communicating your accommodations outside of Queen's. Within Queen's you will not require the LoA to set-up accommodations in Ventus.  If an instructor asks for the LoA, please let your Accessibility Advisor know.

If you do require your LoA, you can find instructions on how to view your Letter of Accommodation.

image: loa qsas advisor

If you are having trouble with documentation upload or completing the intake form, you can email the QSAS Coordinator team at qsas.intake@queensu.ca

Ventus is a secure platform.  All medical documentation shared with QSAS through your Ventus student portal is only viewed by QSAS. Neither your instructors, nor your program of study will be able to access or view your medical documentation.  For more information on QSAS privacy and security, visit the QSAS Statement of Confidentiality page.

Because Ventus is a secure platform you do not need to password protect your medical documentations.  If you do password protect your medical documentation, please include the password to prevent delays in processing your documentation.

No.  Only QSAS will have access to view your medical documentation. Your faculty, instructors, or TAs will only be able to view accommodations in Ventus.

Descriptions of many accommodations provided by QSAS can be found on the QSAS website. >If you have any further questions about accommodations, you can speak with your Accessibility Advisor.

Accommodations are provided for the purpose of removing academic barriers experienced due to a disability.  You must discuss accommodation changes with your Accessibility Advisor to understand whether they are appropriate.

  1. Email your Accessibility Advisor.  Some changes may be possible without an appointment.  If changes are made to your classroom accommodations, your Accessibility Advisor will need to “apply” them to your courses on your behalf.
  2. our Accessibility Advisor may also request that you book an appointment to discuss the requested changes to your accommodations. 

Please contact your Accessibility Advisor who will reach out to your instructor.  Before Ventus, students were required to provide their instructors with a Letter of Accommodation.  Students are no longer required to do this.

Under the Profile tab, Click the +Add Disability Information box

Add Disability Information

Yes. Your Accessibility Advisor is alerted when you upload new medical documentation. If your request is time sensitive you can also email your Accessibility Advisor to let them know you have uploaded new medical documentation.

  1. Email your Accessibility Advisor or qsas.intake@queensu.ca to determine why your accommodations have expired
  2. If your accommodations expired because updated medical documentation is required, please upload your new medical documentation into Ventus.
  3. You may also need to book an appointment with your Accessibility Advisor to discuss why your accommodations have expired.

Ventus considers assessments as any timed quiz, test or exam.  Assignments are not considered a classroom accommodation in Ventus, so they will not appear as an assessment.

If a quiz, test, or exam does not appear in Ventus at least 14 days in advance, it means that the quiz, test, or exam will be held in the class and your instructor will provide your accommodations. Speak with your instructor if you have questions about accommodations for upcoming quizzes, tests, or exams not appearing in Ventus.

No, you do not need to apply your accommodations for an assessment.  Ventus automatically applies timed assessment accommodations. You can choose not to use your assessment accommodations for any exam by withdrawing your accommodations in Ventus.

Email the Exam's Office at exams@queensu.ca

If you no longer require your accommodations for an assessment:

  1. Go to Assessments on the Ventus navigation bar.
  2. Located under Assessments I'm writing with Accommodations you can view your upcoming assessments that have been added by your instructor or the Exams Office.
  3. Click on the red Withdraw button for the assessment you want to opt-out.
  4. Read and click the blue OK button to confirm that you wish to withdraw from taking the assessment with accommodations.
  5. The assessment will now appear as cancelled under Status column.

image: withdraw accommodations from an assessment

Ventus will only show assessments that are organized by the Exam's office and will be written in either Mitchell Hall or Gordon Hall.  Some instructors provide the required accommodations in the classroom, and those assessments will not appear in Ventus.

If you have any questions about accommodations for an assessment not appearing in Ventus, please email your instructor directly.

Email the Exam's Office as soon as possible.  They will be able to reinstate the accidentally cancelled accommodated exam

No, you do not need to alert your instructor that you have accommodations.  Your instructor can see your accommodations in Ventus. 

NOTE: If you have an accommodation for assignment extensions, you must alert your instructor before the assignment deadline every time you require to use this accommodation.

Classroom accommodations are now automatically applied to all your courses. 

You can choose to opt out of your classroom accommodations in each of your courses.

If you opt out of your classroom accommodations through Ventus, your instructor will not be alerted and your accommodations will not be applied to that class. QSAS will not be able to provide backdated accommodation support if this step is missed.

No, the Peer Note Taking service is not available through Ventus.  Students can access their notes through the Peer Note Taking portal.

Sometimes this error can be due to the web browser you are using. The Ventus student portable is compatible with the following browsers: ChromeFirefoxor Edge.

After a Ventus update, your browser may continue to attempt to access Ventus through the previous version that was stored on your computer the last time you accessed the website (cache).  This may cause issues with accessing your student portal.

To Clear your browsers cache, follow these important steps (external sites):