Queen's Career Gateway Program

The Queen’s Career Gateway Program creates employment pathways and learning opportunities at Queen’s University for vulnerable persons within the Kingston community, particularly newcomers to Canada, refugees, and individuals belonging to equity-deserving groups with limited English-language skills.

Program participants develop in-demand skills as casual Cleaners, positioning them as viable candidates for future opportunities at Queen's. The Program helps to remove barriers to employment for vulnerable persons who may not have educational credentials. While a high school diploma is not required to apply, it is required that participants be at Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level 4.


“I recently applied for a new position at the university, and I got it. If you were wondering if the Career Gateway Program works, let me tell you that it does as it gave me the courage and confidence to apply.”

Luis Herrera
Program Participant

"By attending this program, I learnt things I did not know before. I saw places [I] didn’t see before. I got information I did not know before."

"I would recommend to others because I want others to receive the same opportunities [that] I have."

Program Participants

Parallel with on-the-job experience, language training for employees is provided by Queen’s School of English. The Program includes paid release time from work to attend language training for non-native speakers, specifically focusing on language for the workplace, and related training content.

The Queen’s Career Gateway Program is aligned with the university’s Strategic Goal #5: Embedding Queen’s in the community and will ideally increase the university’s social impact by strengthening its local partnerships within the community. Furthermore, the program aligns with the university’s commitment to building a more diverse workplace by providing equitable opportunities for employment.

It is piloted within the Custodial Support Services (CSS) team with the intention to expand the program to other areas of the university. 

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In the News

2022 Queen's Special Recognition for Staff Award

The Queen’s Career Gateway Program Planning Team was the recipient of the 2022 Queen's Special Recognition for Staff Award. Presented jointly by Human Resources and the Principal’s Office, the award recognizes staff whose dedication and creativity contribute to the inclusive atmosphere of the university. Learn more about the Award in this Gazette article.

End-of-Year Celebration

The end-of-year celebration for the first cohort of the Queen's Career Gateway Program highlighted the participants' journeys and new skills learned. Hosted by the Queen's School of English and the Office of the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration), the event marked the successful completion of the program's first year, which was the result of a multi-stakeholder collaboration that fostered community connections. Read the Gazette article here



This program is sponsored by the Office of the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) in collaboration with Queen's School of English, Facilities, the Human Rights and Equity OfficeHuman Resources, ReStart Employment Services, and Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA).


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