R4R@Q Webinar Series - Conflict of Interest

Wednesday August 25, 2021
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Virtual Workshop

The Vice-Principal Research Portfolio in collaboration with Partnerships and Innovation (Research Contracts Unit) proudly present, the sixth session in our Resources 4 Research @ Queen’s Webinar Series, Conflict of Interest in a Research or Commercialization Project.

To avoid a potential conflict of interest (COI) or a conflict of commitment (time) with outside activities, faculty members should make formal prior disclosure to ensure that primary responsibilities are met, that a given commitment may enhance the reputation of the faculty member and the University or that a conflict or potential conflict is resolved.

We will describe some of the actual challenges that Queen’s researchers have faced in complying with policies and rules in various circumstances. 

We will answer these questions, along with those you may have:

  • What is Queen’s process to manage a PI’s financial Conflict of Interest in a research study?
  • What declarations are required when funded by government agencies?
  • Can you employ family to work on your research project?


The transcript and closed captioning of this video were auto-generated. We apologize in advance for any errors in the transcription.

Session Material:

Presented by:

  •  Margo Langford Director, Legal Counsel, Vice-Principal (Research) - Partnerships and Innovation (Research Contracts Unit)
  •  Ricardo Smalling Legal Counsel, Vice-Principal (Research) - Partnerships and Innovation (Research Contracts Unit)
  •  Priscilla Ferrazzi Research Contracts Associate/Legal Advisor, Partnerships and Innovation (Research Contracts Unit)
  •  Jordan Bricker Research Contracts Associate/Legal Advisor, Partnerships and Innovation (Research Contracts Unit)
  •  Kelly Manuel Research Facilitator - Health and Related Sciences, Vice-Principal (Research) Portfolio

Questions? Please contact Andrea Hiltz ( ahiltz@queensu.ca)

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