Membership/Unit REB

General Research Ethics Board (GREB)

General Research Ethics Board Member Roster
July 2022 – June 2023

(As of July 1, 2022)

Name Department
Dr. Dean Tripp
Professor, Departments of Psychology, Anesthesiology and Urology
Dr. Jacob Brower
Assistant Professor, Marketing, Smith School of Business
Dr. Ian Matheson
Assistant Professor of Special Education, Faculty of Education
Alicia Cappello Research Data Management Librarian, Library Systems
Ellyn Clost Lambert Community Member
Jacob DesRochers Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Education
Ms. Carolyn Heald Director, University Records Management and Chief Privacy Officer
Dr. Ting Hu Professor, School of Computing
Dr. Ian Janssen  Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
Dr. Rashmi Krishnamurthy Postdoctoral Fellow, Smith School of Business
Dr. Guojun Liu Professor, Department of Chemistry
Ms. Shuyuan Liu Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Education
Dr. Martha Munezhi Associate Director Research (Interim) and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Smith School of Business
Joanne Raymond Law & Community Member
Dr. Molly Wallace Professor, Department of English
Daniela Zuzunaga Zegarra Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Sociology


Admin Support: Department Contact Information
GREB Chair
Jennifer Payne (Non-Voting) Manager, Research Ethics Compliance
Daniel Tesolin (Non-Voting) Ethics Coordinator, GREB


General Research Ethics Board Departments with Unit REBs
(as of September 28, 2021)

 Current as of September 28, 2021 (WORD 73 KB)

Cultural Studies Program Chair: Dr. Sarah Shulist
Faculty of Education Chair: Dr. Saad Chahine
Film and Media Chair: Dr. Dorit Naaman
Gender Studies Chair: Dr. Elizabeth Brule
Geography and Planning Chair: Dr. Mark Rosenberg
Global Development Studies Chair: Dr. Susanne Soederberg
Political Studies Chair: Dr. Rachel Laforest
Psychology Chair: Dr. Li-Jun Ji
Smith School of Business Chair: Yu Hou
School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Chair: Dr. Jean Côté
Sociology Chair: Fiona M Kay


Admin Support for unit REBs:
Cultural Studies: Carrie Miles
613 533 6000 ext. 33432
Faculty of Education E-REB:  Kyle Cummings-Bentley
613 533 6000 ext. 75791
Geography and Planning: Joan Knox
613 533 6000 ext. 77212
Global Development Studies: Barbra Lalonde
613 533 6000 ext. 77210
Political Studies: Michelle Knapp-Hermer
Smith School of Business: Nancy Chase
613 533 6000 ext. 36280
School of Kinesiology & Health Studies: Josie Birchall
613 533 6000 ext. 78584
Sociology: Celina Caswell