Membership/Unit REB

General Research Ethics Board (GREB)

General Research Ethics Board Member Roster

(As of May 9, 2023)

Name Department
Dr. Jacob Brower, Chair Assistant Professor, Marketing, Smith School of Business
Dr. Ian Matheson, Vice Chair Assistant Professor of Special Education, Faculty of Education
Alicia Cappello,
Assistant Vice Chair
Research Data Management Librarian, Library Systems
Haley Clark Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Education
Ellyn Clost-Lambert Community Member
Jacob DesRochers Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Education
Chandra Dawn Erickson Experiential Learning Coordinator, Faculty of Arts & Science
Stanka Fitneva Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Carolyn Heald Director, University Records Management and Chief Privacy Officer
Michael Holden Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Education
Ting Hu Professor, School of Computing
Ian Janssen Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
Li-Jun Ji Professor, Department of Psychology
Anne Johnson Assistant Professor, Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining
Guojun Liu Professor, Department of Chemistry
Hannah McElgunn Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literature and Cultures
Martha Munezhi Associate Director Research (Interim) and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Smith School of Business
Niya St. Amant Ph.D. Candidate, School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences
Molly Wallace Professor, Department of English

General Research Ethics Board Departments with Unit REBs
(as of March 20, 2023)

Unit REB Name Email
Cultural Studies Sarah Shulist
Education Liying Cheng
Film and Media Dorit Naaman
Gender Studies Sailaja Krishnamurti
Geography & Planning Dan Cohen
Global Development Studies Marcus Taylor
Kinesiology & Health Studies Elijah Bisung
Political Studies Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant
Psychology Jill Jacobson
Smith Business Yu Hou
Sociology Stephen Baron

UREB Admin Support List

Unit REB Name Email
Cultural Studies Carrie Miles
Education Kyle Cummings-Bentley
Film and Media N/A N/A
Gender Studies Denita Arthurs
Geography & Planning Lindsey Morey
Global Development Studies Barbra Lalonde

Kinesiology & Health Studies Josie Birchall
Political Studies N/A N/A
Psychology N/A N/A
Smith Business Amy Marshall
Sociology Celina Caswell