Queen's University Health Sciences and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board

 A one-time, non-refundable fee of $4,000 Canadian Dollars is required for all ethics reviews for industry funded and/or industry supported studies. The fee is also required for all in-kind support (e.g., drug, devices in kind), and external organizations seeking an independent REB review*.
The REB review fee may be waived for: 

  1. Unfunded studies
  2. Internally funded studies (i.e. studies funded through internal awards/grants from Queen’s University or affiliated hospitals Kingston Health Science Centre and Providence Care Centre) 
  3. Grant funded studies from a public, charitable or not‐for‐profit organization (e.g., Tri-agency, Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stoke Foundation)
  4. Studies initiated, authored and/or conducted by Queen’s University affiliated researchers whereby the researcher owns all intellectual property and can alter the research without influence from the funder/not-for-profit organization 

* A Board of Record agreement must be developed for all external REB reviews

Guidance for finance questions related to the HSREB fee

To discuss/dispute the REB fee amount/requirement:

Kelly Blair-Matuk
Associate Director

Questions about the REB invoice and to verify the payment has been received by Queen’s: 

Alex Birchard
Associate Director, Finance and Administration, Vice-Principal Research

Questions about the release of funds/accessing funds for a grant/award:

Research Services

General research inquiries  research@queensu.ca

Questions about the release of funds/accessing funds for an agreement or contract (such as a Clinical Trial Agreement):

Research Legal Services
(your email will be direct appropriately)

Questions about the release of funds, accessing funds, receipt of funds or payment of invoices:

Research Accounting
Tamie Whetstone
Research Accounting Administrator
(If Tamie is not able to address your inquiry, they will direct your inquiry to the appropriate contact on their team).

General finance inquiries  finance@queensu.ca