Health Sciences and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board


In-Person Human Participant Research

  • Any previously approved in-person human participant research activity taking place in KFL&A only, and involving participants from KFL&A only, may resume
  • In-Person research involving human participants from outside KFL&A continues to be suspended with the following exceptions:
    • COVID-19 Research
    • Study involves in-person research where the participant is receiving a service that would be delivered/received regardless of the research (e.g., medical treatment)
    • Researchers currently in other regions or countries conducting approved in-person research, may continue, as long as they follow all applicable local public health directives and safety measures
    • Contact your Associate Dean of Research should you be unclear whether your human participant study can continue
  • New requests for in-person human participant research will be reviewed and approved by the central Research Response Team via your Associate Dean of Research


January 4, 2021: Restrictions are now in place for in-person research. The process to start or resume in-person research can be found on the VPR website and includes 3 key steps. View Human Participant Research Guidelines and SOP

Additional clarification on COVID-19 spread and risk of infection is provided by Queen’s University and our Public Health partners and are continuously being re-assessed. Visit for the most up to date information.

Please feel free to contact Jennifer Couture, Manager, Research Ethics Compliance, if you have any questions related to conducting in-person research.

  Virtual Research Guidelines (WORD 55 KB)


The Queen's University Health Sciences and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board (HSREB)


The Principal of Queen's University has invested in the Queen’s University Health Sciences and Affiliated Teaching Hospitals Research Ethics Board (HSREB) the authority to review proposed research involving human participants that is being conducted under the auspices of Queen's University. HSREB primarily reviews health science research, including all research being conducted at the affiliated teaching hospitals (Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KGH and HDH Sites), Providence Care Centre (PCC) and Ongwanada. GREB primarily conducts reviews in the areas of humanities, social science, science, engineering, and administrative research. The HSREB is also a Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) Qualified REB. 

Queen's Federalwide Assurance Number:  FWA00004184. HSREB IRB Number: IRB00001173.

Communication Bulletin

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HSREB Membership

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HSREB Meeting Schedule

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HSREB Departures from Standard Operating Procedures (Note to File)


SOP # Title
101  Authority and Purpose (PDF 323 KB)
102  Research Activities Requiring HSREB Review  (PDF 103 KB)
103  Training and Education (PDF 53 KB)
104  Management of HSREB Office Personnel (PDF 79 KB)
105A   Conflicts of Interest – HSREB Members and HSREB Office Personnel (PDF 488 KB)
105B  Conflicts of Interest – Researcher (PDF 125 KB)
105C  Conflicts of Interest – Queen’s University (PDF 113 KB)
106  Signatory Authority (PDF 130 KB)
107  Use and Disclosure of Personal Information (PDF 114 KB)
108  Standard Operating Procedures Maintenance (PDF 127 KB)


SOP # Title
201  Composition of the HSREB (PDF 110 KB)
202  Management of HSREB Membership (PDF 145 KB)
203  Duties of HSREB Members (PDF 131 KB)
204  HSREB Office Personnel Serving as HSREB Members (PDF 127 KB)


SOP # Title
301  HSREB Submission Requirements and Administrative Review (PDF 106 KB)
302  HSREB Meeting Administration (PDF 363 KB)
303  Document Management (PDF 113 KB)


SOP # Title
401  Delegated Review (PDF 105 KB)
402  HSREB Review Decisions (PDF 368 KB)
403  Initial Review - Criteria for HSREB Ethical Clearance (PDF 163 KB)
404  HSREB Amendment Reporting (PDF 259 KB)
405  Renewal of Ethics Clearance (PDF 538 KB)
406  Research Completion (PDF 93 KB)
407  Suspension or Termination of HSREB Ethics Clearance (PDF 243 KB)
408  HSREB Protocol Deviation Reporting (PDF 265 KB)
409  Research Requiring Federalwide Assurance (PDF 350 KB)
410  HSREB Reporting Adverse Events (PDF 329 KB)


SOP # Title
501  HSREB Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies (PDF 130 KB)
502  HSREB Review of Biological and Reproductive Materials (PDF 1331 KB) 
503  HSREB Review of Human Genetic Research (PDF 103 KB)


SOP # Title
601  Communication Researcher (PDF 102 KB)
602  Research Communication (PDF 106 KB)


SOP # Title
701  Informed Consent Form Requirements and Documentation (PDF 123 KB)


SOP # Title
801  Researcher Qualifications and Responsibilities (PDF 112 KB)


SOP # Title
901  External Inspections or Audits (PDF 120 KB)
902  Quality Assurance Review Program (PDF 193 KB)
903  Non-Compliance (PDF 295 KB)


Talk to Us

If you have concerns regarding a research study conducted under the authority of Queen’s University, Kingston General Hospital, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Providence Care Centre, or the Kingston Frontenac Lennox & Addington Health Unit; please contact the Office of Research Ethics.

Our Contact information

Toll-Free Telephone in North America: 1-844-535-2988 Email: HSREB Chair at

Our Role

Your welfare is our concern. If you have any ethics concerns or complaints about a research study, please contact the HSREB Ethics Office.

What We Will Do

  • We will listen to you and address your concerns,
  • We will respect your confidentiality,
  • We will keep you informed about the progress of the review and its conclusion.

HSREB has the authority to stop a research study until action has been taken to remedy the identified problem

Name and Title Email Phone Number

Dr. Andrew Winterborn

Director, Research Ethics Compliance 
For scheduling, please contact Mallory Walker


Jennifer Couture

Manager, Research Ethics Compliance
For scheduling, please contact Mallory Walker


ext. 78223

Miranda Miller
Ethics Coordinator, HSREB


ext. 77000

Crystal McCracken

Ethics Compliance Advisor
For scheduling, please contact Mallory Walker.


ext. 75826

Mallory Walker

Ethics Assistant


ext. 74105

Clinical Trials Ontario

Clinical Trials Ontario improves clinical trials for a better Ontario.

Researchers conducting multi-centre clinical trials involving two or more sites
in Ontario must use Clinical Trials Ontario streamlined ethics review.