Publications Metrics

Below is a selection of tools that can help researchers track citation metrics.

students studying in Joseph S. Stauffer Library

  • The open access journals for the Nature Publishing Group - has developed Loop the Frontiers Research Network, which combines an open access publication venue with research networking.
  • Account holders can follow peers and view statistics on article views / downloads.

  • Google Scholar can provide PIs regular updates on who is citing their publications.
  • Researchers can also graph their number of citations over time and compute several publication metrics.

  • ResearchGate allows registered users get statistics about the number of views, downloads, and citations of their papers.
  • Researchers can also follow their peers and receive updates when the individuals they are following publish new articles.

  • The Library offers a Researcher Training Program. The program includes several short "self-serve" modules that focus on publishing, managing research data, and managing your research profile.