Application Building Blocks

  • This webpage has a few templates that faculty can use when they are developing parts of their funding application, such as the budget or letters of support.
  • Please note that many funding agencies have their own templates. Those should always be used when they are provided.
  • If you are looking for examples of successful proposals from a particular funding agency, please contact a research projects advisor in your relevant discipline for more information.

  • Letters of Support: Below are some examples letter of support. Please note that some funding agencies have specific requirements such for letters (e.g., length, formatting, content). Be sure to follow all agency guidelines when drafting letters of support.
  • CIHR Guide to Letters of Support  - a detailed guide on how to write a strong letter of support. Appendix A provides a quick reference guide .

Project Summary: Most funding agencies require you to provide a scientific summary of your research project. Be sure to follow any agency guidelines for your particular funding opportunity regarding length, content, etc.

  •  Project Timeline (WORD 26 KB) (  Queen's NetID required for access): Some funding agencies require a summary of your project timeline. For simple projects a written summary of the timeline in the proposal's approach section might be sufficient but for more complex projects with overlapping objectives, this Gantt Chart template can be used.