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Log in to SOLUS

  • click on http://my.queensu.ca
  • enter your Queen's NET ID and password
  • click "log in"
  • in the right-hand corner of this page click on "SOLUS"

Log in to onQ

Navigate onQ


1) My Home - this will take you back to the My Home page from anywhere in onQ

2) My Courses - navigate to any of your courses from this link

3) Message Alerts - access the Email and Pager tools and see any new Pager messages

4) Updates Alerts - view course updates to news, discussions, quizzes, etc.

5) Chatter Alerts - shows new Discussion tool messages

6) Profile - access and edit your profile, customize notifications for activities in your courses, modify your account settings, and access the Logout link.

7) Module Content: access to course content such as weekly overviews, course notes, videos etc.

8) Course Content – access materials and resources listed below

  • Course Home – click on to access the course’s main page.
  • Syllabus – outlines all important information pertaining to the course, such as grade breakdown, teaching team contact information, course description, learning outcomes etc.
  •  Timeline – overall view of course broken down week by week.
  • Graded Assessments – view all graded assessments that are to be completed for the course
  • Webinars – view the links and information about the online synchronous sessions (office hours, tutorials, topic sessions etc.) for the course
  • Library Guide – a resource that provides tailored information that is necessary for completing assignments. NOTE: not every course will have a Library Guide
  • e-Reserves - materials set aside specifically for the course (PDFS, New articles, Videos etc.)

9) Course Help – access to course help resources listed below

  • Course Questions – view and post any questions related to course content and assignments to this discussion forum
  • Help – view and access technical support, student support, program support, learning resources as well as the Arts and Science Online website. CDS telephone number, email address and operating hours listed on this page. 

10) Course Groups, Grades and Classlist

  • Groups – view the members of your groups, if there is no groups in the course this link will not be present
  • Classlist – use this tool to view other students enrolled in the course, and identify who is currently working online. The classlist allow you to communicate with your fellow students via email.
  • Grades – access your personal grade page in the course; when your grades are published they will appear on your personal grade page. 

Log in to Queen's Email / Forward Your Queen's Email

Log in to Queen's Email

To forward Your Queen's email to another email address:

  • click on the 'settings' icon in the top right corner
  • click on "options"
  • click on "mail"
  • click on "accounts"
  • click on "forwarding"
  • click on "start forwarding"
  • enter the email address you'd like your Queen's email address to be forwarded to
  • click "save"

Add/Drop Courses

To enrol in a course:

  • log in to SOLUS
  • click on "student center"
  • click on "enrol"
  • select the term for which you are enrolling
  • click "continue"
  • click on "class search"
  • change the course career drop-down to "distance studies"
  • uncheck "show open classes only"
  • use the other drop down filters to find the class(es) you are looking for (optional)
  • click "search"
  • Once you find the class(es) you are looking for, click the "select" button next to your desired class. If the class status is NOT a green circle, you will need to contact our office to manually enrol you (cds@queensu.ca or 613-533-3322)
  • Choose your exam centre location (or enter 9999 if a location close to you does not exist), and click "next"
  • click "proceed to step 2 of 3"
  • click "finish enrolling"

To drop a course:

  • log in to SOLUS
  • click on "student center"
  • click on "enrol" (even if dropping a course)
  • select the term for which you are enrolling
  • click "continue"
  • click on the "drop" tab at the top of your student center screen
  • select the courses you wish to drop
  • click "drop selected classes"
  • click "finish dropping"
  • ensure that the course has successfully been dropped (the status will show a blue circle X)

    If you are attemting to drop a course after the academic drop deadline has passed, an appeal will need to be made. Please refer to the appeals section on the Arts and Science website. If you'd like to speak with an academic advisor about your circumstances, please call 613-533-3322 or email cds@queensu.ca to book an appointment.

Order a Textbook

To order a textbook for your course:

  • Visit www.campusbookstore.com and select "find your textbook" on the top left hand menu
  • Select the department code (first 4 letters of the course you need it for eg. PSYC)
  • The section below this box will update with the possible course codes for your request.
  • Select the matching course code and term with the option that has 700 next to it (eg. PSYC100-700)
  • Click "Search for Textbooks"
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase and arrange for shipping.


Order a Transcript

To order a Transcript:

  • Log into SOLUS
  • From the "other academic" drop-down menu, select "Transcript: Request Official"
  • Click the ">>" button
  • Complete the on-screen fields and click "Review Requests"
  • Click "Process Requests"

Pay Tuition

To Pay Tuition:

METHOD 1: Credit Card (only available to Distance Students)

  • Log in to SOLUS
  • Click on the green dollar sign
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete payment


METHOD 2: Bank Transfer

  • Using online or in-person banking, find Queen's University as a Payee
  • Use your 8-digit student number as the 'account number'
  • Once set up, you can pay this payee using funds directly from your bank account online, in person, or by telephone.

Please note that some payments can take between 3- 5 business days to reflect in your Queen's account.

Apply for Graduation

Once you have completed (or are in the last term of) your required courses:

  • Log in to SOLUS
  • From the "other academic" drop down menu, select "Apply for Graduation
  • Click the ">>" button
  • Select the degree and graduation term
  • Click "Continue"
  • Follow the on screen prompts regarding your attendance preferences
  • Click "Continue"
  • Verify the information is correct
  • Click "Submit Application"
A representative will contact you with more details once your application is processed.