The Arts & Science '97 Bursary

Donor Story:

My Class created this fund in 1997 as a class gift in the hopes students would be able to access the fund in future years in order to graduate, just like we did, and venture out into the world to prove how world-class our Queen's education is.

A lot of us donated in memory of Sheldon Bell, a fellow '97 who died suddenly on a camping trip in Algonquin. Sheldon was a fantastic guy - friendly and smart and a hard worker who held several jobs while working on his degree. For our 10th anniversary we decided to raise some more funds. We hope you put the money to good use - we are proud of you and proud of Queen's!

Fund Description:

Established by members of the class of Arts 1997 in recognition of their graduating class. Awarded on the basis of financial need to a full-time student in any year in the Faculty of Arts and Science.