The Dr. M. Gerald Lynch Award in Medicine

Established by Dr. Michael J. Lynch, M.D.1958, in memory of his father, Dr. Michael Gerald Lynch, M.D. 1921.

My father, Michael Gerald Lynch, was born in Kingston and was one of four sons of Daniel and Helen Lynch. His brothers were all graduates of Queen's: O'Gorman, class of '22; Leo, class of '26 and George, class of '31. Queen's presented an opportunity for those four brothers. This is an opportunity to show appreciation.

He schooled at St. Mary's Cathedral, Regiopolis High School and graduated M.D., C.M. from Queen's in 1921.

He interned at Baltimore City Hospital from 1921 to 1922 and then started in psychiatry in the Ogdensburg State Hospital from 1922-1925. Upon hearing of a practice available in Webster, New York, he moved there in February of 1925. General practice suited him better. He assumed the practice of Dr. Daniel J. Corrigan (Queen's 1898) who died in 1924. My father was in family practice until 1967. He died July 15th, 1968.

In June of 2000 I was asked to be the keynote speaker for the 50th hosting reunion of Webster High School. I chose to speak on medicine in Webster. The topic was well-received, but I didn't expect the finale. Upon completion of the talk, about 20 or 25 people rushed up to tell vignettes about my father's loving care from the 1930's and so on. It was an emotional experience for me. How many of us will be so well remembered 32 years after our deaths?