The Emil Nenniger International Exchange Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Donor Story:

After graduating from Queens In Chemical Enginering (1950),and McGill Masters (1951),  I was hired as a process engineer for Canadian Liquid Air in a new engineering group which was selling custom designed hydrocarbon gas separation plants to industrial clients in North America.  The work involved process design under the supervision of a brilliant process engineer from France along with the follow through of start-up supervision and field problem-solving to get the plants through their performance acceptance tests as defined by the contracts.This was followed by the training of the Client's operators.. The work was challenging, and  the most intense learning experience of applied thermodynamics in my education to date!

This work required a considerable amount of travelling to the sites which were located on the various plant locations, mainly in the United States and Canada, where I met and worked with interesting and great people. Every client was trying to do something new and our custom designed plants were "cogs" in their new enterprises. After several years of this I was awarded a generous International scholarship  to work towards a PhD. at the University of Manchester, England.  Once again the travel/human encounter/technical experiences were very positive and has helped me in my subsequent work in Consulting Engineering..

After some more chapters in my profession, I decided to donate a scholarship to the Chemical Engineering Department at Queens.  Queens suggested that,based on my experience,the new scholarship be  applied to student exchange travel.

Fund Description:

Established in April 2004 by Dr. Emil Nenniger, B.Sc. '50, and awarded on the basis of academic excellence to a student entering third year in the Department of Chemical Engineering or Engineering Chemistry in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, who has been selected to participate in an official exchange program at a location outside Canada.