The Macklem Family Bursary

Donor Story:

Richard Macklem and his brother Peter grew up in Kingston. Queen’s was very much a part of their lives. Richard graduated from Queen’s School of Commerce in 1952, earned a graduate business diploma in Switzerland and went on to a rewarding 60-year career in business, spanning the aviation industry, retail and asset management. Following his graduation from Queen’s with a BA 1953, Peter went on to become an internationally recognized pulmonary physician/scientist whose research changed the face of respiratory medicine. He received many honours, was an Officer in the Order of Canada, and has been entered into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

He always credited Queen’s with having given him a breadth of vision that supplemented and added context to his subsequent scientific focus. Upon the death of their mother, the house in which the two brothers grew up became the first donation accepted by the then newly created Queen’s Crown Foundation. Known as the “Katherine Bermingham Macklem House", it became the headquarters of the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Richard’s son, Richard Tiffany (Tiff) Macklem, BAEcon(Hons) 1983, and his wife Rosemary, BCom(Hons) 1983, both graduates of the university, have enjoyed highly successful careers in finance, banking and academia. They continue to have links to the institution. Two of their children also attended Queen’s, graduating with honours:  Richard, BAEcon(Hons) 2013, and Holly, BScEng(Hons) 2017. Queen’s has done so much for the Macklem family that we have established this bursary to give students who otherwise could not afford such an education, the opportunity to achieve the successes the Macklem family have known.

About Your Fund:

Established in January 2018 by O. Richard Macklem, BCom 1952, and family, and awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need to students in any year of the Bachelor of Commerce program in the Smith School of Business.