Fairtrade Campus

Queen’s University became Canada’s 41st Fairtrade Campus in 2021. In collaboration with university departments and student groups and the Fairtrade Steering Committee, Fairtrade coffee, tea and a chocolate bar option are standard practices in all dining halls, retail locations, and catering provided by Hospitality Services, Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre, and Queen’s Event Services.  

Fairtrade purchasing ensures that ingredients used in product offerings get produced by small-scale farm organizations or plantations that meet social, economic, and environmental standards and provide opportunities to maintain market relationships and the livelihood of farmers. On campus, Fairtrade offerings help to harmonize these shared values held by students, staff, and faculty members and support the rising demand for Fairtrade certified products. 

Fairtrade standards include:  


  • Minimum price established for products ensuring that producers have the power to negotiate 
  • Payments of Fairtrade premium, allowing the farmer to invest in their business or community projects (Ex., community infrastructure, agricultural equipment, and innovative start-ups for farming methods, etc.) 
  • Access to credit for loans to build and innovate their farming and business practices 


  • Policies protecting the rights of workers to ensure the risks, such as exploitative child labour, are minimized  
  • Ability to become a member of a cooperative and democratically organized community environment 
  • Network of innovation and knowledge through the constant exchange of information among other farmers  


  • Preservation of habitats and environments   
  • Sustainable use of water  

Visibility and Education 

Queen’s Hospitality Services marketing team supports the Fairtrade Steering Committee’s advancement of initiatives through social media awareness campaigns, planning and engaging in an annual Fairtrade event, and education and awareness on campus. 

Steering Committee 

The Fairtrade Steering committee’s bi-annual meeting consists of staff, student and faculty volunteers and administrative representatives to uphold the Queen’s Fairtrade Campus designation through their shared commitment to advance and innovate initiatives promoting Fairtrade engagement on campus. 

Committee members: 

• Housing and Ancillary Services - Top-level University Representative

• Hospitality Services - Purchasing Retail Manager from the University

• Alma Mater Society - Purchasing Retail Manager from the Student Union

• Queen's Tea Room - Purchasing Retail Manager from the Student Union

• Queen's University Professor - Faculty Member


Fairtrade practices help advocate for an economically sustainable future. To learn about other sustainable initiatives, practices and policies within Housing and Ancillary Services explore the H&A Sustainability Working Group.


Oct 2, 2020 10:15 am