Professor Tony Noble

A. J. Noble

Professor, Canada Research Chair

Faculty, Particle Astrophysics

Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

McDonald Institute

Arts & Science

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PhD (University of British Columbia)

Graduate Opportunities

Prof. Noble has openings for new graduate students. Please contact via email.

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Research Interests

With the completion of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) experiment, Dr. Noble's interests have been focused on dark matter experiments at SNOLAB where he is participating in the DEAP-3600 liquid argon experiment, and the PICO experiment using superheated fluids. These experiments aim to detect the mysterious dark matter that appears to dominate the matter budget of the Universe, but which has never been directly observed on Earth. He has also performed numerous accelerator based experiments at TRIUMF, Brookhaven and CERN and he spent a sabbatical year working on the ANTARES high energy neutrino telescope located on the Mediterranean seabed. Dr. Noble is currently the inaugural Scientific Director of McDonald Institute.