What does Quantum Physics have to do with Aircraft Maintenance? and other ways a degree in phys/eng-phys applies to industry


Friday March 10, 2023
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


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Ginelle Johnston,


Described as a business, aviation, and tech enthusiast all in one, many are still surprised to learn Ginelle's background is in engineering physics (BASc) and quantum optics (MSc). During the colloquium, Ginelle will present an overview of her career progressing from Analyst to Department Head in one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers, and beyond to her current endeavors. Through this she will reflect on how she believes her degrees set her up for her career trajectory in aerospace leadership and speak to the importance of personal branding. Active in the aerospace community she will incorporate topics around the status of the aerospace industry and the new technology fuelling its future.  

Timbits, coffee, tea will be served in STI A before the colloquium


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