Grading Policy

"Mixed Marking" Method

The Psychology Department has approved the “mixed marking” method of the Faculty of Arts and Science Policy on Grading, wherein some components will be graded using numerical percentage marks.  Other components will receive letter grades, which for purposes of calculating course averages will be translated into numerical equivalents using the Faculty of Arts and Science approved scale:

Assignment Mark Numerical value for calculation of final mark
A+ 93
A 87
A- 82
B+ 78
B 75
B- 72
C+ 68
C 65
C- 62
D+ 58
D 55
D- 52
F48 (F+) 48
F24 (F) 24
F0 (0) 0

Students’ course average will then be converted to a final letter grade according to Queen’s Official Grade Conversion Scale:


Grade Numerical Course Average (Range)
A+ 90-100
A 85-89
A- 80-84
B+ 77-79
B 73-76
B- 70-72
C+ 67-69
C 63-66
C- 60-62
D+ 57-59
D 53-56
D- 50-52
F 49 and below

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