Degree Programs

Queen's offers four different types of Psychology degrees: the Major, the Subject of Specialization, the Medial, and the Minor (or General).

BAH Major/BSCH Major

A Major is an Honours degree with a 60.0 unit concentration in psychology that provides students with the most in-depth training in psychology. Students wishing to go on to graduate school in psychology take an honours degree majoring in psychology, usually with the "thesis option." Students who are planning careers in other fields normally take the "non-thesis" or "advanced seminar" option, but students who want to do graduate work in a different but related field might demonstrate their ability to handle advanced study and research by taking a psychology Major with the "thesis option."

BAH Medial (Note that the BSCH Medial has been replaced with the BSCH SSP)

A Medial is also an Honours degree, but students choose two areas of concentration from which they generally take 42.0 units each (Psychology/Sociology, Psychology/Health Studies, etc.). This degree option provides more breadth and provides solid credentials for pursuing further study in professional university programs (Law, Medicine, Counseling, Social Work, etc.) and specialized post-degree diploma programs. It is also well suited to students who wish to move directly to employment.

BSCH SSP (Biology and Psychology)

A Subject of Specialization is an Honours degree in which students specialize in both Biology and Psychology, taking 42.0 units in each. This degree provides excellent preparation for professional and post graduate research programs such as neuroscience, medicine, rehabilitation therapy, etc.

BA Minor/BA General

A BA Minor or General is a three year degree requiring 30.0 units in Psychology. Students at Queen's combine a Minor in Psychology with a Major in another discipline, but this program can also be completed on its own as a three BA General. It is currently possible to complete a BA General via correspondence.