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Security and Privacy Question and Answers on the SeQure COVID-19 Assessment module

Q: The app isn't working, I can't sign in.

A: The app is updated periodically, most often the app will automatically update to the latest version, but from time to time you need to force the update.  Tap the SeQure Banner at the top of the app or go to About/Preferences > Data Update > Check for Updates

Q:   Does the SeQure App protect my privacy?

A:   The App is provided by a third-party, cloud-based, service provider AppArmor, a Toronto-based company. Queen’s has conducted a privacy and security assessment of the app and has entered into a legally binding agreement with terms that address the appropriate collection, use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with Ontario’s privacy legislation.

Q:   What personal data does the App collect?

A:   The App will collect your name, phone number, email address, Queen’s Net ID, your response to COVID-19 screening questions which are based on the Province of Ontario COVID-19 screening questions, the building(s) you plan to be in and the date and time of day (morning/afternoon) you expect to be on campus.  The screening question that asks about potential COVID-19 symptoms asks if you are exhibiting any symptoms and collects one yes/no answer to the list of symptoms provided. The App does not ask questions about individual symptoms.

Q:   Where is my data stored?

A:   Your data is stored in Canada, on Canadian servers.  Nevertheless, data may transit through other jurisdictions for processing.  Queen’s has conducted a security review and is satisfied that all the data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Q:   How long is my personal information kept?

A:   Based on the recommendations of Public Health, the SeQure App will store the data for up to 30 days after which it will be securely destroyed.

Q:   Who at Queen’s has access to my data?

A:   Your supervisor, manager or unit head and staff in Human Resources who manage the data.  If contact tracing is required, Queen’s Environmental Health and Safety and the appropriate Public Health Agencies.

Q:   How will the information be used?

A:   The result of the self-assessment questionnaire (Pass/Fail), the date of completion of the questionnaire, the list of buildings you identified accessing and the time of day you identified as being on campus may be shared with your supervisor, manager or unit head to help manage active monitoring on campus.  In the instance of a confirmed case, the information you provide may be used for contact tracing purpose by Queen’s or Public Health.

Q:    Does the COVID Assessment Tool track my location on campus?

A:     No.

Q: What if I do not have access to a smart phone or tablet and cannot complete the assessment via the SeQure App?

A: A web version of the assessment is available at -- Web version