Campus Security and Emergency Services

Campus Security and Emergency Services

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Campus Watch

The Campus Watch program is a joint initiative by Campus Security and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). Currently, there are over 140 volunteer Safety Officers at Queen’s, reporting to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety. Each of these officers is responsible for a building, unit or area on campus. Their duties include safety inspections, recommending enhancements to health and safety measures and acting as a conduit for safety related information between their unit and EHS.

The Campus Watch program adds security issues to their current terms of reference. Safety Officers will now have the following additional responsibilities:

  • Ensure all individuals in their building, unit or area know that they are the Campus Watch representative and that they should bring their security concerns to them, or directly to Campus Security.
  • Report any crimes or security concerns to Campus Security.
  • Receive and circulate security related information to all unit personnel. Such information will include security alerts and warnings, crime prevention posters and brochures, and notification of training or educational opportunities such as self defense training. To facilitate this, the Safety Officer email list will subscribe to the security Alert-L list.
  • Monitor the crimes and trends reported for their area and advise Campus Security of any concerns. An example would be an increase in thefts over a certain period.
  • Recommend improvements to existing security measures to Campus Security and your unit head.
  • Act as the on-site unit coordinator in emergencies or disasters involving their building, unit or area. The role of the coordinator would be to assist Campus Security or other emergency services in restoring and maintaining a safe environment. Specific tasks could involve assisting with building evacuation in the case of a bomb threat, fire or toxic spill, identifying unit personnel and keeping the department or unit head informed of the situation.

This system allows for quick and effective distribution of security related information, especially alerts, throughout the Queen’s community. It also provides all faculty, staff and students with an individual in their workplace to turn to with security concerns who can then work with both the unit head and Campus Security to enhance their internal security measures. The result is a safer and more secure campus.