Campus Security and Emergency Services

Campus Security and Emergency Services

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Phones: Assistance, Emergency and Pay Phones

Emergency Phones

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Outdoor Emergency Phones are easily identified on campus by their blue lights and yellow boxes with a large red button. They are located on frequently traveled routes to create better access to Emergency services along those areas.

When the red button is pushed, the phone is connected directly to the Emergency Report Centre (ERC), where the exact location of the phone is indicated, and two-way audio communication is established. The ERC will ask the caller how they need assistance.

While the phone can pick up sounds up to 10 meters (30 feet) away, the caller should try to stay close to the phone for communication with the ERC. If no voice is heard, Campus Security and Emergency Services staff respond immediately.

All calls from Emergency Phones receive the highest priority response. Security Supervisors and any other nearby Security staff are immediately dispatched to the scene and will search the surrounding vicinity if no one is sighted when they arrive. For this reason, it is vital that people do not maliciously activate these phones as they can take security personnel away from genuine emergency situations.

While the presence of these phones cannot guarantee your safety, they do provide an effective method of getting help in an emergency situation. The phones are intended to be used in any situation where you feel threatened or anxious, if you witness an accident or a crime, or if you wish to be escorted. Make yourself familiar with the location of the blue lights along the routes you typically walk. If you begin to feel uneasy, concerned, or afraid, don't hesitate to use them.

Assistance Phones

These phones assist in a more direct manner than ordinary telephones. No coins are needed; just lift the receiver and press the appropriate service. The Assistance phones offer direct lines to:

  • Security
  • Safe Walk Service
  • Walkhome Service
  • Taxi Service (one specific company)
  • Kingston Access Bus

In a crisis situation, the fastest way to contact security is to push #1 (no need to wait for the voice message to finish). However, if no buttons are pushed, the line will automatically connect to Security after about one minute. The phone indicates to the ERC the exact location of the call. If no voice is heard, the situation is considered an emergency, and Security staff are immediately dispatched to the location of the phone.

Pay Phones

Pay Phone can be used for free to contact Campus Security and Emergency Services. Just lift the receiver, press the button labeled "Campus Security", and you will be connected to the Emergency Report Center. As well, all pay phones can dial the Emergency Report Center (613-533-6111) free of charge.