R4R@Q Webinar Series - Land-based research and learning methodologies


Tuesday July 6, 2021
6:15 am - 7:45 am


Virtual Workshop
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The land has a crucial role in all aspects of life, and it nurtures relationality in Indigenous and decolonial approaches to research and learning. Land-based practices and pedagogies contribute to positive health impacts, wellness, and community-building. They provide meaningful and highly effective ways of supporting connection to Indigenous ways of being and knowing.

In this session Queen’s Elder-in-residence, researchers and educators will share their stories, reflections, and perspectives on applying land-based learning in research and education initiatives they are involved in.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • The key role of the land in nurturing relationality.
  • Applications and impacts of land-based methodologies in research and learning.
  • The principles of no harm, respect, and reciprocity – giving back and respecting the gifts that come from the land.
  • Honouring all our relations and centering land stewardship and caretaking instead of land ownership.


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