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​Safety is the responsibility of everyone in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering. This includes all faculty, staff, graduate students, researchers and visitors to the Department. Personal safety depends upon a positive attitude towards safety as well as good, informed judgment on the part of each individual working in the Department.

This page will provide you with information to aid you in planning and carrying out your work. If you have any concerns or recommendations regarding the material presented on this page or about a specific situation, please contact the Departmental Manager.

Safety Training
Mandatory for all Employees
Mandatory for Employees Working With, or in Proximity of, Chemicals
Please note that you are responsible for your own disposal. However, if you require assistance, please contact the Department Manager. Also note that it is good practice to clearly label items for disposal when you have made pick-up arrangements.
Type of Waste How to Dispose of Item
Hazardous Waste Procedures & Forms
Research Equipment/Furniture Procedures & Forms


Pick-Up Form

Electronic Pick-Up Form
Batteries Receptacle located in the Bruce Wing lobby
Scrap Metal Pick-Up Form
Paper Confidential Shredding services are arranged on an as-needed basis. Contact the Department Manager to make arrangements.
University employees and/or students who undertake activities in laboratories, for example, which are potentially hazardous, are protected by the University liability insurance coverage. Visitors and volunteers, however, expose themselves to personal liability for damages which occur due to their activities. Also the University may be placed at risk since a damage claim resulting from the activities of a visitor may be directed at the University.
In addition, visitors may not be protected under Workers' Compensation. This also means they are able to sue the University and its staff and faculty if they receive injuries while on campus. It is important, therefore, that persons who fall into the category of "visitor" or “volunteer” on campus complete the Release of Liability form.
The Department Head and Department Manager should be made aware of all visitors as far in advance of the visit as possible.
Other considerations for visitors:
• For international visitors, University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage is mandatory for stays of three weeks or longer. See the following website for more information:
• Entry into Canada for international visitors. See the following website for more information:
Health & Wellness
• Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Policy, Complaints Procedure and Reporting Procedure:
Queen’s Employees
• Employee Wellness & Accessibility Resources:
• Student Wellness Services:
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