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The Faculty Recruitment and Support Office provides prospective faculty members with information on life at Queen's and in the Kingston Community and assists new faculty members and their families with the relocation process. Services are confidential.

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Teaching Assistant Positions for an on-line course

Queen's University and the Public Service Alliance of Canada have formed a new Collective Agreement for Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows. Teaching Assistant positions within the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures in collaboration with Continuing and Distance Studies are advertised in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures requires Teaching Assistantships for the following course:

LLCU 209/3.0 Rio de Janeiro: the Marvelous City

Course description: Known internationally for its carnival, soccer, tropical beach life, musical rhythms, and tourism, the city of Rio de Janeiro has been the quintessential postcard image of Brazil for much of the twentieth century. At the same time, the city is also infamously known for its social inequalities exemplified by pockets of extreme affluence alongside massive shantytown communities (favelas), homeless youth (meninos e meninas de rua), and ongoing violent confrontations between police and drug gangs. In many ways, the city embodies the idea that Brazil is a land of contrasts. This course goes beyond the typical representations of Rio de Janeiro to provide students with an understanding of the complex social, political, economic, and cultural history that have shaped the city’s development and character.

  • Graduate TA-ships will only be offered to candidates in Group B, C or D after the qualified candidates in Group A have been exhausted. In addition we will do our best to match your preference to course offerings.
  • The teaching assistants that we are seeking are for the support of online courses. Some training and preparation are needed before the start of the course. Candidates must be prepared to work outside the regular 9-5 workweek and have access to the internet and a computer that meets minimum requirements. Experience with learning management systems (eg onQ) and videoconferencing software (e.g. Zoom or Adobe Connect) would be an asset.
  • Contract hours and Hiring
    ASO will contact and offer employment to the available TAs in the order they were submitted as the enrolment increases. The hours in the TA contract will be determined on the basis of the actual course enrolment.

What to include in your application:

CV, unofficial transcripts and a one-paragraph statement of why you want to TA for a particular course, including a statement of relevant experience.

Please forward your applications and other relevant material to Dr. Margaret Maliszewska, by Wednesday, 4 August 2021