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Answers to some of the questions you might have about applying to Graduate Studies may be found below in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Applicants should verify their eligibility prior to submitting an application by reviewing our requirements as provided in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) listed below. Applicants who are unsure about whether they meet the Department's minimum admission requirements or have questions about our programs or the application procedures can contact Jennifer Read, our Graduate Program Assistant.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers masters and doctoral degree programs through the faculties of Arts and Science and Smith Engineering. The degrees offered are M.Sc. (Pattern I – Thesis or Pattern II – Project), M.A.Sc. and Ph.D. Details on these programs can be found in the Mathematics and Statistics section of the School of Graduate Studies calendar.

Applicants to our graduate programs will have a minimum B+ standing in their previous studies.  Standing is based the grading scale of the degree granting university and not the grading scale of Queen’s University.  Additional requirements are as follows:
Applicants to our M.Sc. programs will normally have a four year Bachelor's degree (preferably Honours) or equivalent in Mathematics and/or Statistics or a related field.
Applicants to our M.A.Sc. program will have a four year undergraduate engineering degree and a strong interest and background in mathematics and statistics.
Applicants to our Ph.D. program will normally have a master's degree in Mathematics and/or Statistics or related field and have demonstrated research potential and clear research interests. Applicants wishing to complete a doctoral program through Smith Engineering at Queen’s University will have an undergraduate engineering degree as well.
If you are uncertain about your academic eligibility, you can send a scan of your transcript(s) and grading scale(s), along with a very brief statement about your research interests (i.e. pure mathematics; applied mathematics; probability; statistics), to the graduate assistant for review. Please use "Academic Eligibility" as the subject line of your email.

Our faculty can be grouped into four broad fields: Algebra and Number Theory; Analysis, Geometry and Topology; Applied Mathematics (including Mathematics and Engineering); Probability and Statistics. For specific research interests for faculty members in each group please refer to our list of faculty by research area.

You are not required to secure supervision prior to submitting an application. However, applicants to our doctoral program are encouraged to contact prospective supervisors since admission to our doctoral program is always contingent upon the availability of supervision and financial support. When contacting faculty you could provide a scan of your transcript and a brief statement about your research interests. Although a decision on admission cannot be made until we have had an opportunity to review a complete application, faculty should be able to let you know if they would like to consider you for admission to their research group.

Normally a student will begin their graduate program in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in September, the start of a new academic year. For M.Sc. students, this start date is quite inflexible. Although the start date for the doctoral program can be more flexible, applicants interested in being considered for admission for January or May should consult the graduate assistant prior to submitting an application.

There is no separate application to complete in order to be considered for funding by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Queen’s University. Applicants simply indicate in the appropriate section of the application form that they require financial support. Applications should be submitted by January 15th in order to receive full funding consideration.

Our application deadline is January 15th.

Applicants are still able to submit an online application after the deadline and up to April 30th. However, applications received by the January 15th deadline will be considered for admission and financial support first. We will continue to extend offers of admission to qualified candidates until all spaces are filled.

Student funding packages normally consist of a combination of internal and external scholarships and awards, teaching assistantships and research fellowships. Students assessed fees at the international rate are usually offered additional funding to cover the difference between the international and the domestic tuition fee
All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply for funding from external sources including NSERC and OGS. Some information on scholarships can be found on the Government of Canada website.

Applications are filed online.  The Graduate School provides detailed instructions on how to apply .  Applicants who are unable to pay the application fee by credit card will need to request a hard copy of the application form from the graduate assistant.

An application to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will consist of a complete online application form, two letters of reference, official transcripts of all current and previous studies and an official language score if applicable. Please review Step 2: Compile the Documentation for details on the supporting documents (i.e. references and transcripts) you will need to provide. If you are unable to complete any section of the application form due to space or timing constraints please forward that information separately as a PDF to the graduate assistant at your earliest convenience after you have formally submitted your application. Applicants whose native languages do not include English may be required to submit a satisfactory score in an English Language Proficiency Test. Please see Step 4: Provide English Language Test Results (if applicable) for information on the language requirement and instructions on how to submit a language score report.

Only complete applications can be considered for admission and so we encourage you to check on the status of your application regularly and until all documents are marked as having been received. We will begin extending offers of admission after the January 15th application deadline. All applicants, including those not selected for admission, will be contacted once a decision on admission has been made.

For academic inquiries, e.g., information about courses, questions about research areas, contact the Graduate Coordinator, Abdol-Reza Mansouri.
For administrative inquiries, e.g., eligibility to apply to Graduate Studies, application questions, financial assistance, contact the Graduate Assistant, Jennifer Read.