Math Quest Instructors

Michael Cabral

Michael Cabral (BScH, MSc, Doctoral Candidate)

Camp Director 2022

I studied math and philosophy as an undergraduate at Queen’s and then returned in 2013 for a master’s in mathematical biology after traveling and teaching abroad. Alongside my current PhD research (I use game theoretic models to explore how population structure affects the evolution of social behaviors), I help coordinate MATH 121, which is the large first-year calculus course here at Queen's.

I have been involved with Math Quest since 2014. During my time with the camp, I have led many sessions including a paper airplane contest, programming robots, an Amazing Race across our beautiful campus. I've also designed sessions exploring symmetries through frieze patterns, graph theory through connected graphs, and our ever popular Escape Rooms that test campers' problem solving skills. Who knows what is in store this summer!



Siobhain Broekhoven (BScH, BA, BEd)Siobhain Broekhoven (BScH, BA, BEd)

Camp Director 2014-2019

A native of Kingston, I have a history of volunteering for fun math events like Pi Day, the Math Olympics, the Math Kangaroo Contest, and this Math Camp for Girls because I want to inspire kids to enjoy math. I have led sessions including exploring i and the complex plane, iterating functions and using a fractal generator in the ILC computer lab to investigate the Mandelbrot Set. I am an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) specializing in mathematics, physics and special education.




Asia Zolnierczyk

Asia Zolnierczyk (BScH, BEd, MEd)

International Baccalaureate trained math, physics, chemistry and biology teacher

I have always loved math, so it is no surprise that I graduated from Queen's University with a major in Mathematics and minor in Chemistry. I completed my Bachelor of Education program at Queen's and am an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) specializing in all the sciences. I have a Master of Education (also from Queen's) and my thesis is exploring the topic of integrating math and science at the high school level. I am a salsa dance instructor and choreographer and have been so for the past 8 years. I have a strong passion for sports, specifically soccer, ultimate frisbee, and tennis. I want to design activities for this summer related to these, to dance and to integrating math and science.




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