Analysis, Geometry & Topology


Full-Time Faculty Research Interests
Thomas Barthelmé Dynamical systems, hyperbolic geometry, Riemann-Finsler geometry, ergodic geometry, low-dimensional topology
Oleg Bogoyavlenskij Dynamical systems, partial differential equations
Francesco Cellarosi Applications to quantum mechanics, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, homogeneous dynamics
Maria Teresa Chiri Optimal control and hyperbolic conservation laws
Andrew Lewis Geometric control theory, differential geometry, geometric functional analysis
Abdol-Reza Mansouri Sub-Riemannian geometry, geometric control theory, stochastic analysis and Malliavin calculus
Giusy Mazzone Partial differential equations, evolution equations
James A. Mingo Operator algebras,noncommutative probability, random matrices, K-theory of operator algebras
Dan Offin Dynamical systems, Hamiltonian and Celestial mechanics, symplectic geometry, variational methods on manifolds
Catherine Pfaff Geometric group theory, topology, symbolic dynamics ​
Brad Rodgers Analytic number theory, random matrix theory ​
Noriko Yui Calabi-Yau manifolds, Mirror symmetry, Mirror maps, Picard-Fuchs differential equations, monodromy


Affiliated Faculty Status Research Interests
Serban Belinschi Adjunct Noncommutative probability, random matrices, operator algebras, complex variables
Roland Speicher Adjunct Operator algebras, non-commutative and free probability theory (in particular, its probabilistic and combinatorial aspects and its relation with problems in physics), random matrices