Serban Belinschi

Adjunct Associate Professor (Inst de Mathématiques de Toulouse, Université Paul Sabatier)

Research: Free analysis, free probability, random matrix theory

Degrees & Accolades:

2015 Israel Halperin Prize, Co-winner, for outstanding work in operator theory or operator algebras by a member of the Canadian mathematical community.
'Dimitrie Pompeiu' Award, from the Romanian Academy for 'Contributions to the noncommutative probability theory' for the year 2012.
CMS 2012 G. de B. Robinson Award, together with Teodor Banica, Mireille Capitaine and Benoit Collins, for the paper 'Free Bessel Laws', which appeared in the Canadian Journal of Mathematics (63:1 2011, 3-37)
Ph.D. (Indiana University Bloomington)

Research Profile:

My main results are in free probability. I have worked on the applications of complex analysis tools to the study of free random variables. Motivated by questions in random matrix theory and noncommutative (especially free) probability, my most recent research interests are in questions of free analysis, particularly the applications of J.L. Taylor's free noncommutative functions and free calculus to the study of problems in free probability and analysis.