Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Testimonials from former Queen's Statistics Majors

Patrick Gravelle

Patrick Gravelle (B.Sc. ’18, Statistics Major)

M.Sc Student in Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University

The Queen’s University Math and Stats department provides a highly competitive education from professors trained at some of the best institutions in the world such as Harvard, Caltech, Princeton, and Berkeley to name a few. The coursework is one that prepares you significantly for graduate school. My current enrolment in the Master’s of Biostatistics program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has clearly shown me that the breadth of courses through my Statistics degree at Queen’s has allowed me to excel at the highest ranked Biostatistics department.

Queen’s University Math and Stats professors are trained at some of the best institutions in the world such as Harvard, Caltech, Princeton, and Berkeley.
- Patrick Gravelle

Queen’s Math and Stats regularly produce graduates succeeding on to top graduate programs which is easily justified by the challenging and rewarding programs it offers.

Lusi Katherine Yang

Lusi Katherine Yang (BScH ’16, Statistics Major)

Data Scientist at Corning Incorporated

I started as an economics major at Queen’s and got interested in econometrics. To further my interest in statistics, I started to take more courses in the statistics department. I am currently a Data Scientist at Corning Incorporated, which deals with physical science and manufacturing data. As you can see, having a statistics major can be flexible in any industry. On top of that, Queen’s math and stats courses had trained me well in problem-solving, critical thinking, and research skills. In the world of endless knowledge, especially data science – an emerging multi-disciplinary field, having these above skills is crucial. Thanks to STAT 462 (Computational Data Analysis), I learned to program in R/SAS and write research papers. Thanks to MTHE 272 (Application of Numerical Methods), I learned to program in MATLAB and made learning Python easy. Thanks to MATH 281 (Real Analysis), I am trained to be a more logical thinker. This list will go on. Every bit of the math and stats program at Queen’s prepares you to become successful. Cha Gheill!

John Ranson

John Ranson (B.Sc. ’93, Statistics Major)

Data Solutions Consultant

My experience at Queen’s was very memorable and invaluable. I created great friendships with fellow Math/Stats graduates that I still have today as best friends. The support I received from my teachers in 3rd and 4th year got me through, which allowed me to follow my love for numbers and data. I have been a Data Solutions Consultant working for myself for almost all my working career. I specialize in SAS, ETL, Data Warehousing and Data Analysis. Over the years I have also consulted with the government in Sampling Methodology which was a focus of my 4th year project at Queen’s. My passion is still statistics and analysis but my expertise is in turning data into information and getting the data ready for Data Mining, Executive Reporting and Statistical Analysis Tools.

Appreciate your time at Queen’s. It is the best.