Catherine Pfaff

Assistant Professor

Office: Jeffery Hall, Rm. 519
Phone: (613) 533-2392
Research: Geometric group theory, topology, symbolic dynamics

Degrees & Accolades:

Ph.D. (Rutgers University - New Brunswick)
Honors BA (University of Chicago)

Research Profile:

My research is in geometric group theory, a rich intersection of group theory, geometry, topology, number theory, ergodic theory, and dynamical systems. Most of my thought hours thus far have focused on understanding the outer automorphism group of the free group via its action on the deformation space of metric graphs. This research thread is inspired by work in understanding the mapping class group of a surface (homotopy classes of homeomorphisms of the surface) via its action on its Teichmuller space (deformation space of metrics on the surface).

I am highly question driven and use techniques from a broad range of areas and enjoy talking with mathematicians from a broad range of areas. I am particularly interested in finding collaborators who will explore with me applications of deformation spaces outside of mathematics.