Alumni Profiles

Alumni from Queen's School of Religion work in a range of careers including media, law, government and business. Unlike a vocational degree that is designed to land you your first job, religious studies builds skills that last a lifetime. Along with critical thinking, writing and presenting skills, religious studies stands out because of its key differentiators. Religious studies is:

  • cross cultural, so it emphasizes communicating with people who have different values from your own;
  • complex, so you learn how to analyze an issue from many angles;
  • controversial, so you learn how to discuss difficult issues with other people.

To learn what difference a Religious Studies degree can make, read our alumni profiles.


Robyn Agoston

Learn how a degree in religious studies helps Robyn in her work at KPMG UK

Bonita Choi

Bonita ran the marketing department of a $1 billion asset management company. Then she set up her own business

Aleksander Ulanicki

Aleks stands out from the crowd at RBC global credit because of his religious studies degree