RELS Courses as Electives

First Year Students

The Department offers the following courses without prerequisite:

  • RELS 131A&B World Religion/Religious Worlds
  • RELS 161A&B Contemporary Problems in Religion and Culture
  • RELS 162 Religion in the News
  • RELS 163 Religion and Popular Culture.

These courses have been devised with first-year students in mind, to take either as an elective or as an initial course towards a Plan in Religious Studies.

Upper Year Students

Students in second, third or fourth level (including those in Faculties other than Arts and Science) are also welcome to take the above-mentioned RELS courses.

These students should also note that many upper-level RELS courses have no prerequisites beyond second-year or third-year standing in the University. These courses often prove to be better suited to the needs of upper-level students than our first-level courses, as academic study in other departments often prepares them adequately for advanced courses in religious studies.