Sharday C. Mosurinjohn

Sharday C. Mosurinjohn

BA (University of Western Ontario), MA, PhD (Queen's)
Associate Professor of Contemporary Religious Context

Theological Hall 407
613.533.6000, ext. 74313

Curriculum Vitae for Sharday Mosurinjohn (PDF, 859KB)

Research Focus

Dr. Mosurinjohn studies the discursive construction of spirituality and religion as well as concepts of nonreligion and secularity. Specific interests include the study of "new religious movements" (NRMs), ritual, and religion and/as media. Her broad interest in the material turn touches on contexts of contemporary (especially conceptual) art; museums; everyday aesthetics; digital contexts (eg. social media; surveillance cultures), and affect. Her major line of research continues to be about boredom and spirituality—taking the modern concept of boredom as a spiritual crisis as a heuristic through the late modern context of choice and information overload. Professor Mosurinjohn’s research is about contemporary mind-body experience as spiritual and religious experience. Her work bridges religious studies, cultural theory, aesthetic philosophy, and media and technology studies. Prof. Mosurinjohn's first book is The Spiritual Significance of Overload Boredom (2022; McGill-Queen’s University Press). Her new project explores the concept of entheogenic esotericism in a way that reunites the study of religion, magic, and science in the psychedelic turn.


She supervises RELS MA and Cultural Studies PhD students in these and related areas.