MA Students 2022-2023

In 2022-2023 Queen's School of Religion welcomes the following cohort of students for its 12 month MA program.

MA Students

Eve Sotiriadou

Undergraduate School: University of Winnipeg - Bachelor of Arts in History + Bachelor of Honours in Religion + Bachelor of Education 

Supervisor: Dr. Amarnath Amarasingam

Research Interests: Religion and violence, religious extremism, terrorism, international relations, Canadian foreign policy, Canadian homeland security, gender and sexuality in Islamist movements, Salafism, Wahhabism, Military jihad, Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic Theology. 



Carly Baldachin

Undergraduate School: BAH in Religious Studies from Queen’s University

Supervisor: TBD

Research Interests: The Rise of Religious Based Hate, Jewish Humour, Religion and Law, Religion and Popular Culture


Natasha Angeles

Queen’s University, BAH Major in Psychology and Minor in Religious Studies

Supervisor: TBD

Research Interests: Deconstructing Movements, Religious Trauma, Spirituality/Secularity, Religious Dones/Nones, Personal vs. Organized Religion, Religious Control/Upbringing.


Avery M. Isbrücker

Undergraduate School: Concordia University. BFA -- Art History & Film Studies, Minor in Religions and Cultures

Supervisor: TBD

Research Interests: Digital Media, Esotericism, Fragmentation, Religious/Spiritual Imagination, Identity, Community, New Religious Movements, & Liminality


Grace Goebelle

Undergraduate School: McGill, BA in Religious Studies and History

Supervisor: Dr. Ascough

Research Interests: Early Christianity, Roman Religion, the Augustan Age, Provinces of Rome, Imperial Cult, Religious Interactions, Social and Subaltern history.