Qualifications: 2ndyear MA/PhD candidate. Extensive experience in working with OnQ required. Experience in Camtasia, Articulate Rise, other learning platforms/software, and video/ audio editing is desirable. 

Job Details: Reporting to the Director, the Instructional Support Assistant will work with the Undergraduate Assistant and Graduate Assistant (depending on the course) and with individual instructors in the School of Religion. The ISA will not be responsible for independent instructional design, content or delivery of the courses but will offer assistance, whether technical or pedagogical as needed, in the design, implementation, and support of undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Religion for remote Winter and Spring 2021 terms.

Hours: 150 hours, approximately 5-6 hours / week, but variable with heavier periods of concentrated work 

Rate: TA/RA/RF rate as negotiated by PSAC and University for 2020-21

Term: We are currently hiring for Course Design (Oct-Dec for W2021 and Mar-Apr for Sp2021,) and Support (Jan-Apr for W2021). Start Date: Monday, Oct 13, 2020; End date: April 30, 2021  

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Complete any necessary training on learning management systems to provide timely and effective support for instructors & teaching assistants for particular courses 
  • Undertake training of others and provide instructional support in approved technologies, online platforms, tools, and software working with instructors and relevant staff. This may include individual or group sessions organized in the unit or coordinated with CTL/FAS staff as needed.
  • Keep course supervisory staff (Und/Grad Chairs and Director) informed of progress through consistent communication and attending progress meetings as required 
  • Consult with and support individual faculty members in planning their remote course design by both referring them to resources and materials as well as assisting them in implementing course design ideas. 
  • Work as part of a team with staff and instructors to solve issues as they arise with flexible and efficient solutions in implementation and support of courses
  • Other relevant duties as assigned 

Please send a CV, brief statement of interest outlining qualifications and relevant experience, and, if possible, any reference contacts for relevant training and experience by October 5th to school.of.religion@queensu.ca