Teaching Assistant positions for the following courses may be available at the School of Religion in the 2022-2023 academic year, conditional upon enrolment figures and budgetary approval:

Fall/Winter 2022-2023

RELS 131: World Religions/Religious Worlds

Fall 2022

RELS 163: Religion and Popular Culture

RELS 207: Religion, Hate, and Xenophobia

RELS 214: The New Testament

RELS 242: Objects and Materiality in Indigenous Worlds

RELS 250: Mythology of Heros

RELS 396: Islam in the Modern World

Winter 2023

RELS 137: Religion and Film

RELS 226: Islam

RELS 229: Confucianism

RELS 235: Religion and Environment

RELS 266: Religion and Social Ethics

RELS 301: Living with the Dead: Religion, Culture and Death

More information on the Teaching Assistant Position

Please forward your applications and ranked course preferences and other relevant material to school.of.religion@queensu.ca on or before Monday, August 8, 2022.

Your application should include your curriculum vitae, unofficial transcripts, and a one-paragraph statement why you want to TA for each course for which you are applying. Applicants in Group A applying for more than one course should rank their course preferences by term. TAships at the School of Religion are normally 10 hours per week each term.

For more information, please contact Levanna Schonwandt, Departmental Administrator, School of Religion at school.of.religion@queensu.ca


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