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Student Affairs

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Mission, Vision, Values, Key Pillars

Mission of Student Affairs 

To offer and foster holistic, diverse opportunities that engage students, support their unique needs and wellbeing, and help them prepare for future success.


Student Affairs fosters a collaborative and responsive campus community where every student and staff member feels a sense of belonging.

We have accomplished this by:

  • Promoting a safe, inclusive, diverse environment that welcomes and respects every community member;
  • Maintaining strong partnerships, on- and off-campus;
  • Embracing a culture where collaboration and innovation are part of the everyday experience;
  • Helping to meet student wellness needs with a practice approach to build resiliency and skill-development; 
  • Supporting a common internal and external understanding of our role and responsibilities, including our role in responding to societal issues;
  • Building infrastructure and processes so we can be nimble in responding to evolving priorities;
  • Maintaining operational stability, making strategic choices to ensure sustainability.

    Values of Student Affairs

    Diversity and Inclusivity: We use an equity, diversity, inclusivity lens when making decisions.

    Collaboration: We seek and value input from partners to foster continuous learning and growth.

    Empathy, Compassion and Respect: We are kind and we support each other. We see things from a student's perspective. We respect all people and their viewpoints.

    Integrity-Based Actions: We do what we say we are going to do. We follow through. We are sincere and trustworthy.

    Data-Based Decisions: We look to evidence and make informed, objective, rational decisions. We are willing to challenge and change.

    Nurture and Celebrate Success: We recognize staff's unique contributions. We are stronger together.

    Key Pillars

    Student Affairs is dedicated to supporting the academic and personal success of every Queen's student from their first contact with the university through to graduation.

    Our network of programs, services and spaces, offered in partnership with faculties, schools, student governments and groups, and community organizations, aims to:

    • Build Community;
    • Promote Wellbeing;
    • Foster growth, skill development and leadership;
    • Provide multi-faceted supports that meet the evolving needs of our diverse student population.

    Our work is implemented by professional staff and trained peer leaders, and aligns with the University Declaration of Commitment to address Systemic Racism (2020), and the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force (2017).