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What is 3MT®?

3MT® is a university-wide competition for Masters (by thesis & research project) and doctoral students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in 3 minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges.  The challenge is to present complex research material in an engaging, compelling way, using only one slide.

The Three Minute Thesis 3MT® competition was developed by The University of Queensland in 2008 to promote effective communication of research.  The success of the first Queensland competition prompted other Australian and New Zealand universities to run their own competitions, culminating in the first Trans Tasman competition held in 2010.

3MT® has spread internationally: from Tokyo, London, Edinburgh, Vienna, to Vancouver and now Ontario.  UBC ran the first Canadian competition in 2011; Queen’s was the first Ontario University to host a 3MT® competition, followed by Western (both in 2012), and subsequently challenged sister institutions to join in a province-wide competition, which Queen's hosted in April 2013.

In 2014, Canada held its first national competition, which was hosted by the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies. Chenman Yin (Queen's), was the National People's Choice Award winner in 2015.

Queen's 3MT Quick Facts

2008 3MT developed by the University of QLD, Australia

2011 UBC, 1st Canadian 3MT

2012 Queen's, 1st Ontario 3MT

2013 Queen's hosts inaugural Ontario 3MT

2014 1st National 3MT

2015 Cara Yin (Physics), National People's Choice winner

2016 Anastasia Shavrova (Biology), 3rd in Ontario 3MT

2019 Amanda Brissenden (Biomedical Engineering), 3rd in Ontario 3MT

2019 Nevena Martinovic (English), runner up in Matariki 3MT

2020 Alice Santilli (Computing), 3rd in Ontario 3MT

2020 Sean Marrs (History), winner in Matariki 3MT