Grad Chat

Grad ChatGrad Chat, a collaboration with CFRC 101.9FM, is a 30-minute radio show that features graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. This is an opportunity to showcase their program and their research to Queen’s and Kingston communities. It is also a training opportunity to learn how to disseminate their work to a non-specialist audience.

All aired sessions will be available to listen via podcast on either Apple podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify or Stitcher. All options can be sourced via CFRC podcasting .

How To Sign Up

Just print off and fill in the "Interviewee Form" (70KB).  Return it to Colette in the SGSPA office at 

Interviews are usually pre-recorded either in the CFRC studio on Mondays between 10:00am and 12:00pm each week or online.  


Upcoming Episodes

During the summer, we replay some of our favourites from over the years while we record new interviews for the Fall and Winter.  

9th August - Samantha Twietmeyer, PhD in Political Studies - originally aired 16th February 2021

The Double Minority Dilemma and Conflict Settlement Negotiations in Cyprus and Northern Ireland

2nd August - Kaj Sullivan, PhD in Geological Sciences - originally aired 19th February 2019

Title: Postprandial Zinc Isotopic Effect in Human Serum

26th July - Amy Stephenson, MSc in Aging and Health - originally aired 31st October 2017

Title: “A scoping review to assess the effectiveness of post fall rehabilitation and tertiary prevention programs

19th July - Debi Francis, DSc in Rehabilitation and Health Leadership - originally aired 2nd February 2021

Title: A critical race informed narrative inquiry of a Canadian University told by racialized students.

12th July - Alistair Keirulf, PhD in Chemistry - originally aired 4th February 2020

Title: Developing the Continuous Online Leaching Method for use in Bioaccessibility Risk Assessments.

5th July - Amy Stephenson, MSc in Aging and Health - originally aired 21st October 2017

title: Assessing the effectiveness of post fall rehabilitation and tertiary prevention programs.

28th June - Jennifer Wigglesworth, PhD in Kinesiology & Health Studies (sociocultural stream) - originally aired 19th December 2017

Title: Discussing her experience at the Lake Shift Writing Retreats in Summers 2016 & 2017

21st June - Lauren Welte, PhD in Mechanical Engineering - originally aired 11th December 2018

Title: Fundamental research in how the human foot functions during walking and running

14th June - Sam Maclennan, MA in Religious Studies - originally aired 12th November, 2019

Title: The role of medicine in investigating stigmata, the (re)appearance of Christ’s Holy Wounds on various bodies (first noted in St. Francis of Assisi),

7th June - Maleeka Thaker, MES in Environmental Studies - originally aired 10th November 2020

Title: Studying bird-window collisions on the Queen’s University main campus

31st May - Jean-Paul Martin, Mechanical & Materials Engineering - originally aired 23rd August 2016

Title - Generating electricity while you walk using an energy harvesting backpack

24th May - Madison Robertson, Health Quality - originally aired March 23rd, 2021

Title - Understanding the lived experiences of spouses who are separated in long-term care facilities

You can watch previous episodes via podcast on Google podcast, Spotify or Stitcher. All are accessible on podcast page.