Hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow

The following page is intended to act as a guide for faculty members interested in recruiting a postdoctoral fellow.

  1. Confirm the funding source
    • Ensure you are able to support the fellow properly during their time at Queen’s.
    • While there are no minimum salaries indicated by the University, the PSAC Collective Agreement stipulates that unionized fellows receive a minimum base salary of $35, 601 (July 1, 2021) and $35,958 (July 1, 2022). As long as your funding source pays the postdoc through Queen’s (an internal funding source), your fellow will be unionized.
    • Many postdoctoral fellows, particularly those coming from outside Canada, face considerable financial burdens in dealing with immigration requirements and relocation costs. To understand projected costs of living in Kingston, you may wish to explore the sample budgets created for graduate students available on the Registrar and Financial Aid Services website
  2. The candidate must meet the following requirements:
    • The candidate must have completed their doctoral degree within the past 5 years.
    • Their appointment duration will be limited (usually two or three years), but with the option of renewal.
    • They must be looking to work full-time in a research setting, preparing for an academic or research career.
    • The candidate must receive supervision by a Queen’s faculty member.

Note: If your prospective fellow will be part of the PSAC 901 union, please consult the Postdoctoral Fellow Form (found under Appendix B of the Collective Agreement) to clarify points for discussion prior to the appointment. You are encouraged to speak with the prospective fellow about expectations, both yours and theirs, to ensure everyone is on the same page before committing to the arrangement.

Many postdocs pursue a career in academia and, therefore, we suggest including a teaching component to their contract.

  1. Complete the Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Datasheet (HR-FRM-045), which will help confirm the postdoc’s bargaining status unit.
  2. Fill out the PDF Offer of Employment Letter
    • Use either the Queen’s Funded PDF Offer Template or the Externally Funded PDF Offer Template (coming soon).
    • Questions about which template to use can be directed to the Faculty Relations Office at (613) 533-3133. This letter must specify the term of appointment, the salary or stipend arrangements, the natural of research to be undertaken, and any special conditions. Some important considerations to discuss with your postdoc when preparing the contract include: setting clear expectations for the fellowship, identifying the individual(s) responsible for determining the research program, designating other mentors, clarifying any teaching opportunities, outlining duties for career support, defining contract extension prospects, and ensuring funding is secure for the fellowship duration. 

  1. Letter of Offer
    • The candidate accepts the Offer of Employment by signing and returning an original copy of the offer prior to the appointment start date.
  2. Set up UHIP for candidates not under OHIP
    • Contact Human Resources to make an appointment for the new employee to enroll in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) prior to the employee’s first day.
    • Coverage is mandatory for all employees who are not already covered under a Provincial Health Plan in Canada (e.g. OHIP).
  3. Payroll & Benefits Documentation
    • Ensure the fellow sets up payroll documentation and benefits enrollment through Human Resources, which must be done within 31 days of the hiring date to avoid the late application process.
    • *For international postdocs, please also submit the following documents to Human Resources before Payroll cut-off dates to make sure the appointment is finalized in HR PeopleSoft to allow the fellow to receive their first stipend payment on time.
    • The PDF Offer of Employment letter with the employee’s signed acceptance.
    • HR-FRM-045, the Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Datasheet. 
    • HR-FRM-031, the Payroll - Direct Deposit Authorization

Work Permits and Visas

  • Contact the office at 613-533-3167 or email Monica Stewart (monica.stewart@queensu.ca) for information and support.
  • You can also consult our Incoming International Postdocs page for more information about the necessary documentation for admission to Canada and the right to work at Queen’s University.

Contacts for Hiring

  • Jada McNaughton, Senior Labour Relations Advisor - for questions regarding hiring and the appointment process for post-docs within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
  • Dan McKeown, Associate Director (Faculty Relations) - for all other faculties. 

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