2020 Participants

"Alice Santilli"Name: Alice Santilli"Queen's logo"
Program: Computing
Level: MSc Candidate
Title of Presentation: Sniffing out Breast Cancer


The list of participants from other participating schools is below.

"Brock University logo""Margaret Hughes"


Name: Margaret Hughes
Program: Biological Sciences
Level: Master of Science
Title of Presentation: Perimeter Plantings for Climate-Smart Agriculture


"Nada Elnahla"

Name: Nada Elnahla"Carleton University"
Program: Management
Level: PhD
Title of Presentation: Surveillance in retail


"Sara Stricker""University of Guelph"


Name: Sara Stricker 
Program: Plant Agriculture
Level: PhD
Title of Presentation: Know Thy Enemy: Stemphylium leaf blight


"Jessica Allingham"


Name: Jessica Allingham                                             
Program: "Lakehead University logo"
Level: PhD
Title of Presentation: Brightening Up Brain Injuries


"Lea Fieschi-Meric"


Name: Lea Fieschi-Meric "Laurentian University logo"
Program: Boreal Ecology
Level: PhD
Title of Presentation: Environmental and phenotypical influences on the skin microbiome of Canadian and European urodeles.


"Veda Adnani""OCAD University logo"


Name: Veda Adnani
Program: Design: Digital Futures
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Counting on humanized self-tracked data in a connected world


"Samantha Stahlke"


Name: Samantha Stahlke "UOIT logo"
Program: Computer Science
Level: MSc 
Title of Presentation: Synthesizing Play: Exploring the use of artificial intelligence to evaluate game user experience


"Amalia Gil"


Name: Amalia Gil "UofT logo"
Program: Health Science
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Identifying Distractions in Surgery with Eye-Tracking


"Jasdeep Multani"Name: Jasdeep Multani "University of Waterloo logo"
Program: Architecture
Level: Masters
Title of Presentation: Designing Classrooms of the Future: Incorporating Sensory Cognizant Design Strategies


"Taryn Fournie"

Name: Taryn Fournie "Western logo"
Program: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Level: PhD Candidate
Title of Presentation: What is the value of your poop?


"Grace Bastien"


Name: Grace Bastien "University of Windsor logo"
Program: Biological Sciences
Level: PhD
Title of Presentation: Bird Preditation and 'the grapes of wrath'


"Alyssia Wilson"


Name: Alyssia Wilson "York University logo"
Program: Clinical Development in Psychology, Neuropsychology
Title of Presentation: Altered brain activity related to contact exposure in sports