Eligibility & Progression


"Changhai Zhu 2015"
Changhai Zhu at the Queen's 2015 3MT competition.
  • To participate in 3MT®  @ Queen's you must currently be an active Masters (Thesis or MRP) or Ph.D. or DSc. program at the time of the competition and must have made substantial progress on your research and analysis.  
  • Course-based Masters students are ineligible
  • Ph.D. and Masters students who have defended, but have not yet convocated, are eligible to participate.
  • Post-Docs are invited to participate as guests and will be judged separately to the graduate students. The top postdoc in each heat may go through to the final, but are ineligible for the prize money and are not eligible to compete in either the Ontario 3MT, National 3MT, or Matariki 3MT.
  • Visiting grad students and Exchange grad students may participate in the Queen's 3MT competition as guests, but will not be eligible to represent Queen's in either the Ontario 3MT, National 3MT, or Matariki 3MT, and are not eligible for the prize money. 
  • Presentations must be based on the primary research the student has conducted in their graduate program.
  • Presenters must agree to be video-taped and if in the final, give permission to have the video available on our website/Queen's YouTube
  • Presenters must agree to be photographed and give permission for the photos to be used for promotional purposes.
  • Presenters must have registered, completed the information form, sent in a photograph of themselves, and received confirmation of participation from the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Presenters must be available to present, in person, on the day of their heat (or online if we are unable to have an in person event).  To advance in the competition, heat winners must also be available to present, in person (or online if we are unable to have an in person event), at the School of Graduate Studies final.
  • The Winner will be expected to represent Queen's at the Ontario 3MT® competition

It is understood that by registering, you have discussed your participation with your Supervisor and have agreed that you fulfill the eligibility requirements set out above.

NOTE: Past winners & Runner Up will not be eligible.


The winner of each heat or final is expected to represent their School/Institute/Faculty at the next stage of the competition. If the winner is unable to attend the final, the runner-up will proceed to the next round of the competition.

"3MT progression chart"