Technology Terms

Email and Web Addresses

Email address should include the @ symbol and no capital letters.

Web addresses usually do not need the prefix http:// in the displayed text. (It is, however, necessary to include it in the code for hyperlinks.)

In print, drop the www as well (unless it is necessary to resolve the website – always test web addresses and links before publishing).


In online publications, avoid spelling out the web address. Instead, use inline links (embedded within the sentence):


The online world and its applications change rapidly; so does the terminology. The list below includes current practice for spelling and capitalization of common terms:

  • cyberspace
  • desktop
  • email (no hyphen)
  • Facebook
  • homepage
  • internet (avoid “the net”)
  • listserv
  • login (noun or adjective), log in (verb phrase), log into (verb phrase)
  • log out, not log off
  • online
  • Twitter, a tweet, to tweet
  • web browser
  • web page
  • webcam
  • website
  • wi-fi
  • the web
  • YouTube
  • voicemail