Trademarks and Licensing

Queen’s University merchandise that aligns with the Visual Identity Guide and Trademark Guidelines helps build a strong and consistent university brand. A strong brand benefits each faculty, school, department, program, associated unit, club, and student.

Queen's owns a number of identifying marks, the use of which is strictly controlled and protected under the Trademarks Act of Canada. Trademark examples include the Queen's University and sub-brand logos, the university flag, and the words Queen's, Queen's University, Tricolour, and Gaels typeset in any font or style. Please refer to the Canadian Trademarks Database for a full list of registered trademarks.

University faculties, schools, departments, and officially recognized groups are permitted to use Queen's trademarks on merchandise with approval from the University Relations Brand Team via the Trademark Use Approval Form. Please refer to the guidelines below for information on how to create merchandise that follows the Visual Identity and Trademark Guidelines.

Branded Merchandise

The Branded Merchandise Guide outlines the guidelines for the creation of branded merchandise for Queen's University and its faculties, schools, departments, and programs.

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Student Spirit Wear

The Student Spirit Wear Guide outlines the guidelines for the creation of a branded merchandise collection by and for the students of a specific Queen's faculty, school, or program.

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Club Logos

The Club Logo and Merchandise Guide outlines the detailed guidelines for the creation of Queen's University student club logos and merchandise.

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Class Crests

The Class Crest Guidelines outline the design criteria for the student-designed faculty and school class crests applied to Queen's University jackets.

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Licensed Suppliers

Merchandise bearing a Queen's trademark (logo or trademarked name) must be produced by a company from the university's Licensed Supplier list.

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Approval Form

Queen's University faculties, schools, departments, and officially recognized groups are permitted to use Queen's trademarks with approval via the Trademark Use Approval Form.

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As a matter of policy, all uses of Queen’s trademarks on merchandise are subject to royalty fees unless a waiver of royalties has been issued from University Relations. Royalty Waivers are issued on a per order basis. These royalties fall under the terms of the licensing agreement, are paid to the university by the licensed supplier, and submitted via the Royalty Report Submission Form.

Royalties will be waived:

  • on trademarked product that is retained by the university;
  • on uniforms for university departments, programs, teams, or officially recognized groups, even if retained by the individual;
  • on promotional items that are paid for by the university faculty, school, department, program, or team to promote themselves and are given to prospective users of services (ie mugs or pens)

Standards of Use

Queen’s University’s visual identity, name, trademarks, and brand should be used in good taste and appear only on high-quality approved products that are produced under legal and fair labour conditions in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

  • Queen’s is a member of the Workers' Rights Consortium (WRC).
  • The university's name, trademarks, and brand should not be used in any way that will discriminate against any persons or groups based on age, ancestry, belief, colour, creed, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or in any other way that would be a violation of the university's values.
  • The university's name, trademarks, and brand should not be associated with any activity, product or image that detracts from or tarnishes the good name, image and reputation of Queen’s University.
  • Queen’s marks are not to be used with the name of a business, logo, in advertising services or on a product in a way that could indicate or imply an endorsement.
  • The university reserves the right to decline products or art designs not in keeping with the standards described above.
  • If the university marks are used in conjunction with another entity's marks, approval must be granted from each entity.

To pursue licensing, obtain advice on trademark usage, or for guidance on ordering Queen’s University marked products from our licensed suppliers, contact the Trademarks and Licensing Office.