Brand Resources

The brand resources provide the building blocks that allow Queen’s University staff, faculty, and associates to apply the updated visual identity. These resources will be expanded over time to make creating effective branded university communications easier.

Please note that only those individuals who work for the university and have a Queen's email address may access the brand resources. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows can access a selection of resources curated for their use.

Queen's Visual Identity Guide

Visual Identity Guide

The Visual Identity Guide outlines the elements that create the Queen's brand style, as well as the full set of guidelines for the correct and consistent application of the visual identity. It is recommended to view the online PDF to reference the most up-to-date version.

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The Queen’s logo is the official visual representation of the university and is available in a variety of formats appropriate for different uses including horizontal and vertical orientations, and print and digital file formats.

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Logo Lockups

The logo lockup system is a critical element to strengthening the recognition, equity, and impact of the Queen’s brand. Access the logo lockup resources to retain a strong and consistent visual relationship with the larger Queen’s brand.

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Photos and Videos

The photography and videography in our brand communications should be expressive and compelling, communicating our commitment to knowledge and discovery, while embodying the strength of our community.

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Social Media Resources

Official Queen’s profile pictures and cover photo image size information is available to help faculties, schools, and departments represent the university on social channels with consistency.

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Digital Templates

Queen’s digital letterhead, word documents, presentations, and virtual meetings backgrounds can be downloaded and utilized to create consistent branded university communications across all faculties, schools, and departments.

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Print and Stationery

Official printed stationery has been developed to provide consistency for all Queen’s faculty and staff representing the university. Orders for generic or personalized stationery can be placed through the stationery ordering system.

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Email Signatures

To create consistency in university communications, the email signature generator is available to make the creation of personalized full and reply/forward email signatures fast and easy.

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Queen’s University signage on and off campus should reflect the visual identity while identifying Queen’s properties in a clear and accessible manner. All new signage must follow the updated signage templates.

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