Print and Stationery

Official Queen’s stationery provides a common template for all printed university business cards and communications. Orders for generic and departmental stationery can be placed through the stationery ordering system.

Queen’s University personalized stationery includes business cards, letterhead, and a #10 envelope (with and without a window). All printed stationery must include the Queen’s University logo and cannot include a lockup or additional graphics. The full unit name appears in type under the job title on the business card and in the address on the letterhead and envelope. It is not permitted to create customized stationery.

Business Cards

The Queen’s University business card includes the horizontal Queen’s logo, an individual’s position, contact, and address information. Only an individual’s position, contact and address information can be personalized. Lockups and other graphics are not permitted on business cards. Full faculty, department, and sub-department names are included under the individual’s job title. Pronouns and credentials, shown under the name, are optional.

Four lines of text are available for contact information including telephone, extension, cell, or fax numbers, email and departmental website addresses. Four lines of text are available for the mailing address. Campus addresses must start with Queen’s University followed by building name, floor, office number, street number and name, Kingston, Ontario, Canada and finally postal code in that order. The recommended address formatting for branded applications does not utilize abbreviations. Superscript is never used.

Printed Stationery

Printed stationery can be ordered through the online ordering system. Orders can be submitted through the designated administrator(s) for your department. If your department has no designated administrator, please contact Printing Services to be assigned a username and password to access the online ordering system.

Order printed stationery

Visual Identity Guide

The Visual Identity Guide outlines the elements that create the Queen's brand style, as well as the full set of guidelines for the correct and consistent application of the visual identity. It is recommended to view the online PDF to ensure that you are referencing the most up-to-date version (PDF 12.6MB).

View the Visual Identity Guide