Royalty Report Submission Form

All Queen’s University and sub-brand merchandise created for the purpose of sale is subject to a royalty fee. Licensees must pay the university royalties equal to 7% of net sales of applicable licensed products sold by the licensee. University Relations will indicate on a per order basis those orders for which royalties do not apply: products ordered by university administrative and academic units for the purpose of internal use, promotion, uniform, or gift.

Quarterly royalty reports must be submitted showing net sales of licensed product and the royalties payable for the three preceding calendar months. The report must document detailed information including product description, to whom the product was sold, Queen’s University trademark used, and quantity of product sold.

Royalty reports are due one month after the end of each quarter even if there are no sales to report or royalties to pay. The Queen's University fiscal year begins April 1st and ends March 31st. The quarters and due dates for the current fiscal year (2024) are as follows:
Q1: Apr 1 - Jun 30 2023 (due Jul 31 2023)
Q2: Jul 1 - Sep 30 2023 (due Oct 31 2023)
Q3: Oct 1 - Dec 31 2023 (due Jan 31 2024)
Q4: Jan 1 - Mar 31 2024 (due Apr 30 2024)  

Royalty reports must be submitted using the Queen's Royalty Report excel document via the form below and accompanied by a payment of the full amount due in Canadian dollars. Payments can be made via e-transfer, cheque, or other method upon request.

A late fee of 2% per month is payable by the licensee to Queen's on any royalties due after the one month period allowed for payment in any quarter.

Please contact the Trademarks and Licensing Office ( with any questions about royalties.