Photo and Video Resources

The photography and videography in our brand communications should be expressive, compelling, and authentic, communicating our commitment to knowledge and discovery, while embodying the strength of our community. Photography and videography allow us to show the world our campus, community, and commitment to knowledge. Follow the guidelines to create imagery that best reflects the Queen’s brand.

Queen’s Image Bank

Employees can sign in to the Image Bank with their personal NetID to search, edit, download, and share photography and videography for Queen's marketing purposes.

Access the Queen’s Image Bank


Queen’s Strategic Procurement Services has compiled a list of preferred photographers who can be commissioned for university photography.

View the preferred photographers


Queen’s Strategic Procurement Services has compiled a list of preferred videographers who can be commissioned for university videography.

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Consent Form

Consent must be obtained from all recognizable subjects in photography and videography collected and used by Queen’s University. Please use the consent form provided and refer to the Photo and Video Consent Guidelines for best practices.

Access the consent form

Video Branding

Videos can be branded with the Queen's University logo outro and lower third (name tag) template provided. Please note that Adobe AfterEffects is required to use the lower third template. Contact the University Relations Brand Team to request a video outro customized with a lockup and/or url or a completed lower third file.

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