Visual Identity

Consistency balanced with flexibility

The Queen’s University Visual Identity Guide provides a consistent framework within which brand users can find the flexibility to express the many facets of the university. These guidelines help us to better articulate our story, to tell it with greater consistency, and share it more effectively through an accessible, digital-first approach.


The brand resources provide the building blocks that allow the Queen’s community to apply the updated visual identity. These resources will be expanded over time to make creating effective branded university communications easier.

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Visual Identity Guide

The Visual Identity Guide outlines the elements that create the Queen's brand style, as well as the full set of guidelines for the correct and consistent application of the visual identity. It is recommended to view the online PDF to ensure that you are referencing the most up-to-date version.

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Logo Guidelines

The Queen’s University logo is the official visual representation of the university and is available in a variety of formats appropriate for different uses. It is imperative that the guidelines for correct logo use be understood and followed.

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Logo Lockup Guidelines

The logo lockup system is a critical element in strengthening the recognition, equity, and impact of the Queen’s brand for each entity within the university. Lockups follow the same guidelines for correct usage as the Queen’s logo.

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Colour Guidelines

Colour is an essential component of the Queen’s University brand. Refer to the colour guidelines for the correct colour formulas and guidance on how to properly apply colour in branded applications.

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Typography Guidelines

Typography is an important element of effective and accessible university communications. Consistent application of typography is key to maintaining the Queen’s brand style.

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Photo and Video Guidelines

Photography and videography allow us to show the world our campus, community, and commitment to knowledge. Follow the guidelines to create imagery that best reflects the Queen’s brand.

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Social Media Guidelines

Social media is one of the primary touchpoints between the university, its community, and other audiences. It is important that all faculties, schools, and departments present a consistent profile for immediate brand recognition.

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Queen’s University Sub-brand Guidelines

Queen’s University has five sub-brands: Smith School of Business, Smith Engineering, Queen’s Athletics and Recreation, Queen’s Alumni, and Bader College. Each sub-brand has its own Visual Identity Guide and set of rules governing the use of their brands:

Smith School of Business Brand Hub 

Smith Engineering Visual Identity Guidelines

Queen’s Athletics & Recreation Visual Identity Guide 

Queen’s Alumni Visual Identity Guide 

Bader College